Saturday, January 7, 2017

Thanksgiving and Christmas were fabulous spiritual events!  So many tender mercies and miracles happening all around us as we shared the "Light the World" campaign.

This post will be full of pictures - feel the JOY our missionaries felt as demonstrated in their great smiles.

So much love sent from home!  This was one small delivery - our mailman delivered our record 72 parcels in one delivery.  So exciting for us to imagine the happiness each of these packages will bring our missionaries.

Two of our dedicated Zone Leaders, Elder Palmer and Elder Knight loading up their car to deliver to their Enumclaw zone.

Each Zone has a shelf - rarely did all the packages fit - lots of overflow all around!


  President and Sister Rasmussen loaded all this and more to the Stake Centers on Thursday Dec. 15th and 16th for the Christmas Devotional Dinners.  The yellow rolls are gifts of Mission Logo t-shirts.  Ask your missionary about the meaning of the logo.  Yellow symbolizes service - they are encouraged to wear the t-shirts during service opportunities.

              Christmas Devotional Dinner

Practicing for the Christmas Devotional program

President and Sister Rasmussen lovingly deliver Christmas Eve delivered packages to the missionaries on Saturday

This picture doesn't due justice to how packed to the brim their vehicle was!  Thank you President and Sister Rasmussen for your great love for each of our missionaries!

Christmas Day our missionaries each enjoyed seeing and talking to loved ones at various locations and members homes throughout the mission.

President and Sister Rasmussen didn't forget about the Senior Missionaries ...
We enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner at the mission home on Christmas Day!  We love our Senior Missionaries and appreciate all they do to support and help our mission in so many ways!


Our name on our Mission Office door has had a damaged letter "T" in Latter-Day Saints - it was half gone.  Elder Samuels decided to make a sticker letter to provide a temporary fix.  It looks great!!
Thanks Elder!!

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