Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Can you believe it's February already?  We are looking forward to Zone Conferences which will start Saturday Feb 4th.  It's always so great to meet together, share each others spirit, learn from our leaders and bond in the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of Jesus Christ.
Quote from President Thomas S. Monson:
Cast out Doubt
“Your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God”  1 Corinthians 2:5
"Remember, faith and doubt cannot exist in the mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other.  Cast out doubt.  Cultivate faith.  Strive always to retain that childlike faith which can move mountains and bring heaven closer to heart and home."
                                                                                               Thomas S. Monson

Our Washington Federal Way Missionaries had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Seattle Temple.
We divided the mission into two groups - the South Zones (Auburn, Enumclaw, Graham, Puyallup and Puyallup South) attended on Tuesday January 24, 2017.

South part of our mission - Temple Day!

The North zones of the mission (Federal Way, Kent and Renton) attended on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

North part of our mission - Temple Day!
 It was an incredible, uplifting, joyous experience that will be remembered always!

Elder Kofford – Festival of Finding Missionary Moment:

This week was amazing! I was thinking Friday morning of what we could do for the Finding Festival. I didn't really want to spend 6 hours tracting and/or contacting. I wanted to do something a little more fun and productive... So I came up with the idea to draw out the plan of salvation with sidewalk chalk. And it was awesome! We had missionaries all over Auburn drawing it at parks and bus stations and right in front of the churches. The Olympic Elders had all of the little Marshallese kids come out and help them.  It was a ton of fun and we talked to so many people. We wrote out questions and scriptures and or on all of them so even after we were gone people could look it up. It worked out really well! And it was sunny that morning. We were all praying for no rain so we could go out and draw and the sun came out that morning. It was perfect. 


Missionary Moment:  As told to Sister Rasmussen by a ward member.
                                            "Elder Knight's new shoes"

I wanted to share an incredible story that I had the privilege of witnessing a few days ago. We have an elder serving in our ward that has been out about 15 months. He is an incredibly humble servant of the Lord. His birthday is coming up this week. One of his investigators, a mother herself, was going with us to the missionary devotional on Sunday night and we met them so they could follow us. Before we left she indicated she wanted to speak with the missionaries. Her 15 year old son, who is getting baptized in 2 weeks, came over and handed this elder a box of shoes for his birthday. He was just blown away and immediately changed his shoes in the car so he could wear the new shoes to the devo. I texted his mom a picture and she was so touched that another mother would recognize this need for her son and act on that so sent me a note to pass along to thank this sweet sister for her generosity. This was the investigators reply. "I've had many missionaries but when these 2 came to the door immediately I had felt like my family had found me and I felt love and my loneliness started to dwindle away more and more. I had felt like I had been searching for them forever and here they son feels the same..Like we are home where we belong.  There isn't anything my family wouldn't do for them..To see the smile when he was wearing his shoes warmed my heart. .so many people just put on shoes everyday and don't think of the significance of it..those last shoes had holes and were worn because he had searched and searched to find us..Now we are giving him new ones so he can continue to search for others so we can all be together again someday"

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